Hellenic Intelligence Unit

Located at the strategic crossroads between East and West, as well as North and South, Greece has always been part of a neighborhood of particular interest to the geopolitical strategist. In addition to checking the Bosporus Straits, and the Suez Canal, it is a de facto entry point to Europe for commodities and people.

During the post cold war era of the 90′s it has served as the pillar of democracy and stability in the Balkans, as the region’s only nation that is both part of the NATO alliance and a member of the EU. In the post 9-11 environment, and the global war against terror, its proximity to a number of choke points has provided the necessary strategic depth, facilitating operations in the Middle East and Gulf regions.

Nevertheless, Greece is a country with special characteristics; it spends a disproportionally high percentage of its GDP for armaments, placing it consistently among the world’s top five defense buyers.

The Hellenic Intelligence Unit (HIU) focuses on any developments in the areas of defense, security and foreign policy in Greece and in addition, Cyprus. The purpose is to detect, through a wide span of indigenous sources, and critically assess, through specialized personnel, trends and decisions in order to provide a credible analysis on the Greek defense and security policy. In addition, to present the advantages and disadvantages of any major development in the field, at both “micro” and “macro” level, and note the positive or negative implications these have in the particular defense environment.

Within this context, the Unit’s personnel monitor and analyze developments within the Hellenic Armed Forces, the evolution of new military doctrines, the creation of new command and force structures, the future of the aerospace & defense industry, the armament procurement plans and the associated industrial cooperation, as well as foreign initiatives that may affect the region’s balance of forces.

The Unit’s analysis results can be utilized by policy makers, academics, journalists, industry officials, military/intelligence experts and diplomats who desire to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the region’s defense environment.

A review of the HIU findings is published on a monthly basis in the form of the Hellenic Defense Monitor Bulletin (HDMB), soft / hard copies of which are available through subscription. The service is complemented by an e-mail alert system, providing “real-time” subject updates and related information to all subscribers.

Subject-specific, custom-made reports may also be offered by the Unit and are available on demand to all interested parties.