ORION Operational Research Cell

The Orion Operational Research Cell (OORC) is the organizational unit of the Institute which is focused to the monitoring and analysis of developments occurring in the balance of military force and technology. The OORC produces two publications:

1. The Hellenic Defense Yearbook (HDY), a comprehensive print and electronic format annual publication covering all major developments, changes and trends, current and future plans that are taking place within the Greek defense domain. More specifically, the Hellenic Defense Yearbook contains:

  • Detailed data on the command and force structure of the Hellenic Armed Forces
  • The organizational structure and operations of the Hellenic Ministry of National Defense and it’s subordinate agencies and departments
  • The defense procurement legislation as well as the legal and procedural framework for the implementation of the offsets programs
  • The future 3-year short-term and the long-term armament plans
  • The decision-making process, the KYSEA organization and operation
  • An overview of the Hellenic Aerospace & Defense Industry.

2. The Military Technology & Innovation Review, a print and electronic monthly publication in the Greek language that is being subject to a focused distribution within the Hellenic Armed Forces General Staffs as well as the Ministry of National Defense agencies and departments. The aim of the Review is to inform, update and describe in detail to all concerned parties, developments in military technology, relevant scientific breakthroughs and the operational and tactical implications these have to the balance of forces in a specific theatre.

The Orion Operational Research Cell (OORC) also represents the epitome of synergies created through experience, privileged knowledge and the use of a large network of fellow & research associates in over seventeen countries across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

In response to an ever growing demand for specialized, sector specific information analysis and reporting, the ISDA Consultancy service offers its customized services to the assistance of both governmental and private organizations internationally.

Predominantly acting as an instrument for generating Political and Strategic Risk Analysis internationally, the service covers the sectors of Armament Procurements, Energy and Geo-Politics. Within this context, its involvement may indicatively but non-exhaustively cover the fields of concept development, SWOT analysis, feasibility studies, policy and strategy formulation as well as implementation planning.

The extent of the service’s involvement in each allocated task depends on the needs of the awarding entity; the service can offer tailored support in specific phases or undertake full responsibility for the seamless end-to-end completion of the project.

Often sensitive in its nature, the service is always being provided under strict confidentiality, and on proprietary basis.