MEO Issue 3, Vol 1 – June-August 2010

MEO Issue 3, Vol 1 – June-August 2010


  • BY HRH Prince El Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan


  • General (Ret.) Dr. Efraim Sneh
    “Turkey Taking Sides Ends its Regional Role”
  • Ambassador Marwan Abdelhamid
    “Lift the Siege on Gaza as soon as Possible”


  • “Turkey’s Willing Road Accident with Old Friend Israel”
    By Burak Bekdil
  • “Lessons Learned from the Freedom Flotilla: An Israeli View”
    By Smadar Perry
  • “Impact of the Freedom Flotilla: A Palestinian Perspective”
    By Rami Dajani
  • “The Battle of the Siege, Border Crossings and Reconciliation Starts Now”
    By Oraib Rantawi
  • “The Gaza Naval Incident and the Need for a New Greek Perspective”
    By Zacharias Michas
  • “Turkey and the Freedom Flotilla”
    By Mustafa El-Labbad
  • “Freedom Flotilla: Before and Aftermath”
    By Dr. Sylvia Tiryaki
  • “Flotilla of World Hypocricy”
    By Dr. Boaz Ganor


  • Israel’s Disengagement from Gaza: A Magic Cure?


  • “Jordan: A Success Story of the IMF”
    By Antonia Dimou