MEO Issue 4, Vol 1 – March-June 2011

MEO Issue 4, Vol 1 – March-June 2011


  • By HE Charlotta Sparre


  • Colonel (ret) Normand L. St. Pierre
    “Americans Are Watching the Events with Curiosity”
  • Dr. Sylvia Tiryaki
    “The Reason of the Protests in the Northern Part of Cyprus was not a Lack of Democracy”
  • Ambassador Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Shaker
    “Egypt will Honor its Peace Treaty with Israel”


  • “Promoting Democratic Discourse in the Middle East: Analyzing the Obvious”
    By Prof. Munther S. Dajani
  • “Democratic Uprising in Egypt: January 25th -February 18th 2011”
    By Prof. Hoda Awad
  • “Referendum: The Real Power of the Muslim Brotherhood”
    By Essam Mohamed Ali
  • “What happened .., What is Expected to Happen in Syria?”
    By Ayman Abdel Nour
  • “Spring of Reforms for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan”
    By Antonia Dimouli>
  • “The Jihadist Threat in Libya”
    By Noman Benotman and James Brandon
  • “Consequences of NATO Ill- Performance or Failure in Libya”
    By Riad Kahwaji
  • Iran’s Islamic Vision of the Arab Uprising”
    By Prof. Sadegh Zibakalam
  • “Bahrain in the Light of Sunni-Shia Conflict”
    By Saeed Qureshi/li>
  • “Lessons from the Egyptian Revolution”
    By Dr. Mustafa Barghoutti


  • “Greek-Syrian Ties and the New Geopolitical Balance in the Eastern Mediterranean”
    By Evangelos Venetis


  • “Syria’s Industrial Public Sector: Reform is Impossible without Good Governance”
    By Strategic Research and Communication Centre


  • “Nasser’s Inter-Arab Rivalries: 1958-1967”
    By Michael Sharnoff