Mideast & Gulf Intelligence Unit

The Broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA) Region acts as a natural geopolitical extension of Europe and thus every development within it influence European security in a direct or indirect manner.

Greece’s geographical proximity and cultural propinquity through the legacy of Hellenism to the BMENA present the ISDA as perfectly situated to monitor the developments in this area with a unique ability to understand its dynamics. It is exactly this ability to “decipher” the signals this region “transmits” that acts as a prerequisite for reaching useful, objective and reliable conclusions. With numerous high level contacts in several countries in the region, the Mideast & Gulf Unit can provide timely and multifaceted analysis to serve the needs of policy makers, government officials and private organizations that have special interests in the region.

More specifically, ISDA analysts focus on the region’s political, financial and business dynamics as well as cross border cooperation, affiliations and partnerships. The Unit’s findings are presented on a monthly basis in the form of the Middle East Observer (MEO), soft copies of which are available by subscription.

The Unit also produces upon demand, custom-made, subject-specific reports and analyses that address the individual needs of interested parties.